General Services

Your goals and challenges are nuanced. Our solutions are tailored to your needs. We work with your team to assess the right path forward, and stay with you every step of the way.

How We Work


Pinpointing individuals for outreach, maximizing both efficiency and effectiveness.

BlueLabs’ predictive modeling finds the right targets for small nonprofits seeking to stretch dollars, companies marketing products, and political campaigns aiming to identify potential supporters. We create statistical models customized to each client’s needs to identify the likelihood that an individual will donate to an organization, procure a service, support a candidate or issue, and much more. With our help, clients can identify large clusters of untouched targets, tailor messaging to each individual’s priorities, and save resources by selectively engaging those who are most likely to act.


Capturing and housing your data effectively.

Our tools and methods turn data into easy to understand and actionable insights. We consolidate disparate data systems and sources into a single database to provide a holistic view of each organization’s activities, making operations more effective. We work with our clients to identify the right technology solutions to build data infrastructure solutions, taking a new, agile approach to analytics and data warehousing.


Choosing the right message using the right medium.

Determining the messages that resonate with the right audiences helps tailor outreach programs for maximum impact. To do this, we don’t just roll the dice based on small focus groups or best practices – we use science. Using our specialized controlled experiments, we are able to pinpoint individuals who are most likely to respond to a message through a certain medium or at a certain time. We then identify other targets who fit that same model. Our Experimentally Informed Programs go beyond traditional marketing and voter outreach to scientifically identify the right messages, mediums and timing communications efforts.


Identifying the right channel for your ideal client.

Our advanced predictive models can identify the television programs and websites that target audiences are likely to watch or visit. Our proprietary formula identifies the programs that provide the best bang for your buck – reaching ideal targets and saving money. Our optimization is used to target radio, digital, and TV advertising buys more effectively by identifying who is most likely to change their behaviors and attitudes as a result of outreach.


Partner with our team to comprehensively understand the impact of your data.

For a more hands-on approach, our strategic consulting team guides clients through how our predictive modeling works and the impact it can have. We look at each organization’s data needs and goals to create an individualized plan to achieve those objectives efficiently. We look at data collection, create systems to organize that data, and show how it can be analyzed. We also offer the option of having our staff work on-site with organizations or campaigns, enabling clients to make the best data decisions in real-time.