During a period of uncertainty in healthcare, one constant is the importance of harnessing data and influencing behaviors in ensuring success for government, payers, providers, and patients. BlueLabs has a unique set of capabilities for driving engagement and behavior change, finding hidden inefficiencies, and improving care outcomes

Driving Behavior Change

Maintaining healthy lifestyles, adhering to prescribed treatments, making the optimal provider choice, treating concerns early on through family physicians instead of at the ER – these are all proven ways of improving one’s health while reducing the cost of care. By partnering with innovative health providers, plans, and community groups, and deploying rapid experiments programs and models, BlueLabs helps to steer patient behavior toward healthier choices.

Identifying Supporters for Persuasion

  • Strong targets 2.13x more likely to resist negative messaging
  • More than 3x strong targets reached
  • The initiative passed

Our client, a high profile ballot initiative, wanted to pinpoint supporters for GOTV and identify soft supporters for early persuasion messaging to prevent them from being persuaded by negative messaging.

BlueLabs’ Solution

BlueLabs devised an analytics strategy focused on voters who were likely to be persuaded by both positive and negative messaging. By targeting these highly persuadable voters, the goal was to ‘harden’ supporters against negative messaging, and to persuade and recruit new supporters. The program was launched in May, and included a large survey fielded in June. By mid-July, BlueLabs had deployed the support and persuasion universes. By the first half of August, the client had a detailed cross-channel and TV optimized plan, including the most cost-effective TV shows and channels to reach target audiences.


In subsequent campaign polls, BlueLabs’ models validated very well. Voters identified by the models as strong targets were 2.13x more likely to resist negative messages than weak targets. By our estimates, relying on person-level uplift scores enabled the campaign to reach more than 3 times as many strong targets with the same budget.

Improving Community Health

Many important determinants of a person’s health are shaped by their community – for example, the level of pollution, exposure to toxins, access to medical services, availability of public transportation, and crime. By identifying these factors, healthcare organizations can make better medical determinations once a person reports a medical concern, and work with local partners to improve health outcomes in the community. BlueLabs has unique experience creating analytics reporting and analysis platforms to do just that.

Optimizing Care

BlueLabs builds tailored, intuitive online platforms that help organizations apply business rules to complex individual determinations.

Our online platforms enable clients to rapidly analyze their data and identify opportunities for service improvements.

Building Strong Provider Networks

As insurance products evolve, data is becoming key to provider network decisions. We help forward-looking plans use their existing claims data to develop network products that incorporate existing referral patterns, opportunities to incentivize consumers, and robust quality indicators.

Custom Solutions

Medical claims and billing data requires an expert-level understanding before it can be analyzed and used programmatically. BlueLabs has built the in-house expertise to help organizations answer complex questions, and design rich and secure analytics infrastructures that can combine claims, billing, 3rd-party, and other data.

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