Government Services

As mobile and online platforms become more affordable and ubiquitous, government organizations are reimagining ways of interacting with citizens. BlueLabs brings a unique approach to federal, state, and local agencies that engage in large-scale public interactions, fueling game-changing improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.

Improving Service Pipelines

Helping people fill out required forms and verifying their information can be time-consuming and expensive. BlueLabs creates custom, efficient data platforms that use data integrations and cutting edge innovation to reduce the time it takes from first interaction to service provision, improving the user’s experience and reducing costs along the way.

Case Study: Making Medicaid verification simpler, faster, and cheaper

Making Medicaid verification simpler, faster, and cheaper

  • Dashboard successfully deployed for emergency Medicaid sign-ups

In mid-2015, the District of Columbia’s Department of Health (DOH) turned to BlueLabs for help with its Medicaid sign-up tool, which was deemed too complicated and time-consuming, and resulted in data quality issues.

BlueLabs’ Solution

Over the next six months, BlueLabs’ team of engineers and graphic designers worked closely with DOH executives and case workers to design a more intuitive Medicaid sign-up dashboard with improved user experience and data flow. Much of our work centered on reducing the number of clicks that case workers had to go through in order to sign up new Medicaid recipients, making contingent forms viewable only when necessary. Another area of improvement was on providing clearer and more immediate guidance when data entry errors were made.


The resulting dashboard was very well received and has already been successfully deployed for emergency Medicaid sign-ups.

Optimizing Public Outreach

Providing better and more efficient services in a digital age also means helping individuals be aware of government programs and take part in them as effectively and smoothly as possible. BlueLabs helps government agencies engage and activate individuals, and move them through service funnels by using the messages and channels most likely to "nudge" them.

Providing Custom Analytics Consulting

Government agencies often face specific data and analytics challenges that require bringing in experienced hands. BlueLabs’ data scientists and engineers have a record of excellence providing hands-on and embedded support to solve a diverse set of complex analytics challenges.

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