Harrison Kreisberg

VP of Campaigns

Harrison’s obsession for counting votes began when as a 7-year old American ex-pat, a proposed referendum in Quebec threatened to tear him away from his best friend. Since then, he’s been passionate about improving people’s lives on both sides of the border through analytics, whether in politics, advocacy, or healthcare. Harrison has been with BlueLabs since its founding and leads the company’s team of analytics strategists. A veteran of the past three Democratic presidential campaigns, he served as the Analytics and Data Director for Terry McAuliffe’s successful 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial campaign, and has worked with dozens of political and advocacy groups across the United States and internationally. Most recently, Harrison worked on the 2017 Virginia Coordinated campaign and helped Virginia Democrats win elections across the state. Harrison also worked with the New Democratic Party of Canada to win a closely contested Provincial election in British Columbia. Harrison has also worked with some of BlueLabs’ large healthcare clients, conducting analysis and building innovative analytics tools to improve health outcomes. When he’s not counting votes or predicting healthcare outcomes, Harrison is notorious for terrible jokes and injuring himself while playing hockey.