Elan Kriegel


Elan thinks math is cool—not because being good at it always meant he had a date on Saturday nights, but because he believes math can help address all sorts of problems, including winning elections, distributing international food aid, reducing prison recidivism and making healthcare more effective.

Before joining BlueLabs, Elan was the Battleground States Analytics Director for Obama for America—a position he attained by delivering pizzas, reporting afternoon traffic on the 8’s, producing sports and news shows… and building statistical models for the DNC (in that order).

In 2015, Elan joined Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as the Chief Analytics Officer. He’s also had the honor of playing NCAA Division III football at Franklin & Marshall College (150lbs!) and watching NCAA Division I football at the University of Wisconsin, where he got his BS in Mathematics and Anthropology. Elan received his MA in Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences from Columbia University.