Daniel Porter

Chief Analytics Officer

Dan is a co-founding member of BlueLabs and has led its data science team since the company’s inception. Over the past 5 years, he has overseen the team’s growth in applying data science to new industries, spearheaded the development of critical new tools and methodologies, and expanded the team’s technical capabilities to incorporate the world’s most recent cutting-edge data science innovations.

Dan’s interest is in using data science as a tool to predict, and more importantly, influence behaviors. As Director of Statistical Modeling on the 2012 Obama Campaign, his team was the first in the history of Presidential Politics to use persuasion modeling to determine the voters who were most likely to be persuaded by the campaign’s outreach. Since co-founding BlueLabs, Dan’s team has iterated on this work to influence behaviors and attitudes for applications ranging from perceptions of a Fortune 10 company, to buying products from big-box retail stores, and the uptake of key Federal Government services.

Much of Dan’s team’s recent work has focused on how different individuals can be influential on each other’s attitudes and behaviors in asymmetric ways. Dan is passionate about understanding how these key drivers of influence are critical to organizations seeking to achieve their campaign, brand, or policy goals.

Dan has a MA in Quantitative Methods from Columbia University, and a BA from Wesleyan University. He is an avid sports fan (always watching from a statistical perspective), and, sadly, enjoys optimizing his frequent flyer miles portfolio between vacations almost as much as vacation itself.