Becca Siegel

Director of Data Science

Becca has worked in progressive politics since 2008. She has served on campaigns at all levels, including leading the analytics team in Ohio for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid.

Since joining BlueLabs in 2015, Becca has worked with organizations, companies, and campaigns to best implement analytical and technological tools. From mayoral races to statewide campaigns and national advocacy organizations, she has produced and managed analytics products and provided strategic consulting. Becca worked on the 2017 Virginia Coordinated campaign and helped Virginia Democrats win elections in 2017. She has also had work featured in The Washington Post and Cosmopolitan.

In her role as the Director of Data Science, Becca leads a team of talented analysts, data scientists, and statisticians as they tackle problems around optimization, targeting, and prediction.

Becca studied History at Stanford University before finding her way to data, eventually earning her master’s degree in Quantitative Methods at Columbia University. Fulfilling many stereotypes as a Colorado-native, Becca enjoys turning states purple, as well as hiking, climbing, skiing, craft beer, and bluegrass music. Her least-data-informed opinion is that the Colorado Rockies will someday win the World Series.