Anh Pham

Outreach Data Analyst

Anh calls Vietnam his motherland because even though it’s not exactly his home, it’s where his mother is living. Before BlueLabs, Anh completed his undergraduate degree in Pure Mathematics and Political Science/Law at Wabash College with an exchange summer in Beijing.

He is most interested in the applications of predictive text mining in identifying political/state feminism agendas, particularly in the context of authoritarian regimes, where conversations among the Politburo, Congress(wo)men, and grassroots feminists are more subtle.

When he is not doing data analysis, Anh can be found reading queer theory texts, talking about arthouse films, cooking Pho, chatting with his little sister, or listening to Amy Winehouse and Supreme Court oral arguments. He spends the rest of the day arguing with himself in languages that he speaks most often, namely English, Vietnamese, and Mandarin Chinese.