Commercial and PR Services

BlueLabs provides a unique set of targeted tools to help businesses grow and lead markets, keep customers engaged, shape policy environments, and emerge from PR crises - all as cost-effectively as possible.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Whether you are looking to move individuals through sales funnels, attract new customers, or improve your brand’s image, BlueLabs can help. Our tailored uplift scores enable clients to target messages and ads at the individuals who are most likely to be impacted, yielding significant returns in efficiency and ROI compared to traditional targeting.

Case Study: Moving Undecided Customers Toward a Buy

Customer Acquisition and Retention

  • $30 increase in average amount spent by returning customers
  • Analytics report drove significant resource allocation decisions

A retail customer was looking to bring hesitant consumers back to the store to buy a core product and increase their in-store spend.

BlueLabs’ Solution

BlueLabs developed an experimental design comparing each customer who purchased a specific item at the retailer to a similar customer who had not purchased that specific item at the same retailer. Our team then measured the differences in increased purchasing rates between the control and treatment groups. In order to do this, we utilized the significant analytics infrastructure we created specifically for the client, and integrated additional census and media exposure data sets.


We were able to utilize the experimental results to estimate the number of increased return purchases completed as a result of the mail campaign. The analysis held up to significant scrutiny by agency and outside statisticians. The intelligence this report provided drove significant resource allocation decisions made by the retailer, ultimately improving it's ability to efficiently increase profit and return on advertisement investment.

Optimizing Media

With BlueLabs’ upX media planning platform and custom optimization tools, advertisers and content providers can maximize ad effectiveness across a variety of digital and offline channels. BlueLabs helps clients determine the optimal media allocation based on person-level uplift models, costs, frequency, and relative channel impact.

Guiding PR Campaigns and Crisis Response

Shaping policy environments and reducing reputational risks can be critical to business success.

With its origins in politics and advocacy, BlueLabs helps clients shape conversations and respond to crises quickly and effectively using data.

Case Study: Recovering Quickly from a PR Crisis

Recovering from a PR Crisis

  • Helped company avoid deepening the crisis and significant resource waste

BlueLabs’ client was responding to a quickly evolving industry-wide PR crisis, and needed to determine how to respond.

BlueLabs’ Solution

Within 48 hours of the client’s initial request, BlueLabs designed, sampled, and fielded an online survey targeting key audiences. The survey examined general attitudes, awareness of the crisis, and opinions on steps the company could take to mitigate the crisis. BlueLabs provided key findings in just 5 days, ahead of the first news conference by the company’s owner. It provided deeper analysis days later.


One of the major findings from the survey contradicted a taken-for-granted assumption by the company’s leadership, resulting in a significant change of strategy that helped the company avoid deepening the crisis and wasting resources on a counter-productive approach. BlueLabs exceeded the company’s tight timeline to provide results when they mattered most.

Custom Analytics Consulting

BlueLabs is unique in its ability to successfully solve very complex business problems across a variety of industries. We’ve not only revolutionized how politics and advertising are done, but we’re building some of the most innovative tools across business, healthcare, and government.

Case Study: Measuring Earned Media Impact

Measuring Earned Media Impact

  • Found stronger short term recall of the product
  • Identified more positive media coverage in treatment market

Our client was looking to measure the impact of earned media to prioritize interviews and other earned media efforts around major product releases.

BlueLabs’ Solution

BlueLabs’ data scientists designed a field experiment for two comparable markets. We then surveyed respondents in both markets. The client scheduled interviews with news outlets in the “treatment” market, but not in the “control.”

BlueLabs tracked the number and content of news stories and tweets in both markets, and continuously polled representative samples in both markets and analyzed returns.


We found recall of the product was stronger and media coverage more positive in treatment market, but views of the issue and the client largely unchanged. The experiment enabled the client to better allocate future media resources.

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