Advocacy Services

Operating in a crowded field, advocacy organizations work hard to identify and activate their supporters to change the world.

Advocacy Services

Operating in a crowded field, advocacy organizations work hard to identify and activate their supporters to change the world.
BlueLabs helps lighten the load by finding supporters more efficiently, identifying the right activism asks for each person, and maximizing donations. It also provides an online analytics and reporting tool, BlueHQ, to help groups obtain a real-time picture of their activities and performance metrics.

With these tools, our clients have been able to raise more money, increase the effectiveness of their activism outreach, raise awareness for their issues, and advance their policy objectives.

Identifying Supporters for Persuasion

  • Strong targets 2.13x more likely to resist negative messaging
  • More than 3x strong targets reached
  • The initiative passed

Our client, a high profile ballot initiative, wanted to pinpoint supporters for GOTV and identify soft supporters for early persuasion messaging to prevent them from being persuaded by negative messaging.

BlueLabs’ Solution

BlueLabs devised an analytics strategy focused on voters who were likely to be persuaded by both positive and negative messaging. By targeting these highly persuadable voters, the goal was to ‘harden’ supporters against negative messaging, and to persuade and recruit new supporters. The program was launched in May, and included a large survey fielded in June. By mid-July, BlueLabs had deployed the support and persuasion universes. By the first half of August, the client had a detailed cross-channel and TV optimized plan, including the most cost-effective TV shows and channels to reach target audiences.


In subsequent campaign polls, BlueLabs’ models validated very well. Voters identified by the models as strong targets were 2.13x more likely to resist negative messages than weak targets. By our estimates, relying on person-level uplift scores enabled the campaign to reach more than 3 times as many strong targets with the same budget.

Identifying and Engaging Supporters

Finding new supporters is critical to an organization’s ability to expand its base, raise donations, pass ballots initiatives, and build a movement for change. BlueLabs’ models make this process much easier and more efficient by finding the most likely individual supporters, and engaging them through the channels they are most likely to consume.

Case Study: Identifying Supporters for Persuasion

Mobilizing Grass-Roots Activists

  • 6x patch-through calls (from 5% to 30%)

A common challenge for many of BlueLabs’ clients is activating their supporters and moving them up the ladder of engagement. Whether asking supporters to sign an online petition or to volunteer, getting them to cross the threshold from observers to participants can be difficult. With years of experience optimizing activism outreach for campaigns and advocacy groups, BlueLabs was engaged to help a national advocacy organization promote a high-profile policy issue by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of patch-through calls to elected officials.

BlueLabs’ Solution

BlueLabs conducted a national phone survey exploring support for the policy issue and willingness to volunteer. Based on survey results, we built a model that generated scores for each adult representing their likelihood of volunteering, including agreeing to be patched through to their elected officials. BlueLabs matched the scores to the client’s phone vendor data to facilitate implementation of the program.


Patch-through success went from a pre-model baseline rate of 5% to a post model rate of 30% among the strongest targets - a six-fold efficiency gain.

Maximizing Donations

For many advocacy organizations, large audience fundraising is both their lifeblood and a drain on resources.
BlueLabs’ fundraising models help non-profits identify those who are most likely to donate and the right donation ask for each of them.

Case Study: Raising More in a Head-to-Head Test

Raising More in a Head-to-Head Test

  • 32% more gifts
  • 38% higher income as a result of donations
  • 6% higher average donation amount

We don’t often get chances to go head-to-head with other providers, so when these opportunities emerge we are eager to participate. This is not simply because we believe in our solutions, but also because these types of tests keep us on our toes.
In this specific instance, an advocacy organization invited BlueLabs to participate in a head-to-head with an experienced fundraising firm. The organization was looking to increase donations from its current donor base through a mail campaign.

BlueLabs’ Solution

Our team compiled data from the organization’s fundraising platforms and matched it to a consumer data file. Our data scientists then built a score to identify active members who were most likely give a donation if solicited.
After we built and validated the scores, our client carried out a large mail appeal split into three groups of prospective donors: a random sample, a target universe based on BlueLabs’ top targets, and a universe based on the other firm’s targets.


In this head-to-head test, BlueLabs’ targeting not only beat the random sample by a very large margin but also won against the fundraising vendor across all metrics - 38% more income, 32% more gifts, and 6% higher average donation amounts.

Providing Integrated Reporting

Does the following sound familiar? You have a fundraising platform that doesn’t speak to your digital platform, which doesn’t speak to your field platform, and some of your data lives in excel sheets. BlueHQ presents you with integrated reports based on real time data collected from all of your platforms. It helps you understand how you’re engaging your audience across programs, coordinate your activities, and make better data-driven decisions.

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