Test Everything. Change Behavior. Drive Results.

We harness the power of data to revolutionize outreach at the individual level.

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Field experiments BlueLabs has deployed for clients since 2014


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We revolutionize how organizations approach
complex challenges and activate their audiences.

Whether the goal is selling a product, signing up individuals for healthcare, turning out the vote, or mobilizing activists and donors, we help our clients change behavior and drive radically better results. We dig deep into the data to understand your audience and its journey, test everything to find winning strategies, tailor outreach to each person, and bring these processes to scale through analytics technology and machine learning.

Since 2013, across our clients we’ve run more than 1,000 randomized experiments, built hundreds of models, generated over 5 billion touch points, reached virtually every contactable person in the United States, and driven significant gains in some of the highest profile private sector, advocacy, and government programs.

A New Year And A New CEO

We are thrilled to announce that Thomas Gensemer has joined BlueLabs as CEO!

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Commercial Clients

Use our set of unique targeting tools to grow your business and keep customers engaged, all in the most cost-effective way.

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“The first place to start is with the citizen“

How citizen-focus
and experience maps
drive operational efficiency.

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Making Your Outreach Even Better

Understand Your Audience

Leverage the combined power of your data and our tools to better understand your audience and its journey.

People are more than the sum of their attributes. We collect every possible signal from each person in your audience by combining behavioral, transactional, attitudinal, demographic, and consumer data. We then map out their journeys and find the hidden opportunities that can boost your acquisition, conversion, and activation success.

Test Your Strategy

Test each step in your outreach to identify strategies that drive major program improvements.

We believe that everything that can be tested should be tested. We will help you find winning strategies by deploying randomized experiments and A/B tests to measure the impact of every action you take across every channel. Once we identify the strategies that have the greatest impact, we will help you embed them in your digital and offline programs.

Tailor Your Outreach

Customize your engagement with each person to maximize your impact and cost-effectiveness.

We deliver an omni-channel, omni-message approach to tailor exactly the right outreach to the right person, and to identify the optimal distribution of resources across channels. Our proprietary tools help clients grow their revenue and win campaigns by prioritizing those who should be targeted across social media, banner and search ads, broadcast and cable TV, radio, mail, phone, and others.

Scale Your Success

Create automated and seamless optimization loops that continuously improve your outcomes.

Innovative data science requires a strong and agile analytics technology. We deliver automated tools to move models and segments into production, report the data in real-time, and detect new trends through machine learning. We also provide analytics consulting to help our clients make the right technology and manpower investments, and put in place the right processes to operate at the scale they need to succeed.

Find out more about how we are revolutionizing data-driven decision making.

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