Lindsey Schuh Cortés
​Lindsey is a small town girl with a big time passion for politics, advocacy, and making the world a better place for her young son to grow up. As Chief Executive Officer for BlueLabs, she is charged with ensuring the firm is the effective, results-driven powerhouse it is meant to be – and for helping integrate the Obama data “magic” this team is known for more deeply into the progressive movement. She joins BlueLabs after serving most recently as Director of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances for the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), where she aligned resources inside and outside of the union to build state-based infrastructure to win key state battles and expand civic participation. During her tenure at the America’s largest and fastest-growing labor union, she also held the position of PAC Director, managing the nation’s largest federal PAC, and Deputy National Political Director, overseeing operations and a more than $50 million annual budget for SEIU’s Political Department. Lindsey hails from North Dakota and is a professed fanatic about The Godfather trilogy.