Kate Dahl

Lead Strategist

Kate is Lead IE Strategist at BlueLabs. She has effectively managed campaign strategy for a number of IE clients, including some of the largest national programs in the 2016 cycle as well as partnering with three successful 2014 ballot initiative campaigns. Before working at BlueLabs, she was the National Reporting Director at Enroll America, where she constructed and administered the database infrastructure, helping departments such as Field, Fundraising, and Partner Outreach make decisions about their programs. During the 2012 cycle, she worked as a Deputy Data Director for President Obama’s reelection campaign in Pennsylvania. Here, she provided strategic consultation and support to headquarters staff to help departments make efficient decisions, allowing the President to win a key 2012 battleground state and its 20 electoral votes. In her free time, she likes to go on hikes with her dog, experiment with baking bread, and watch Parks and Rec for the hundredth time.