Daniel Porter

Chief Analytics Officer

Dan is a co-founding member of BlueLabs and served as the Director of Statistical Modeling of the Obama 2012 campaign. He is an expert at building individual level predictive models that leverage the best available data to guide organizations’ resource allocation and guide program implementation, and is an industry recognized expert in the emerging field of persuasion (uplift) modeling.

Since co-founding BlueLabs, Dan has pioneered the team’s efforts to successfully apply these techniques to non-political clients in the private sector, helping clients optimize their marketing strategies to increase ROI. On the 2012 campaign, Dan’s team developed the individual level statistical models that were used throughout the campaign for fundraising, media buying, and state strategy. His teams’ models have an unparalleled record of accuracy predicting the outcomes of elections during the 2010, 2012 and 2014 cycles.

Outside of (and sometimes inside of) work, he’s usually checking Yankees’ stats or animatedly likening events of the week to his favorite Seinfeld episodes.